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[130121] Donghae’s weibo update:
Da jia xia ci jian mian ^^ wo ai ni men !!
See you all next time ^^ i love you !! (c)
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[130121] Donghae’s weibo update:

Da jia xia ci jian mian ^^ wo ai ni men !!

See you all next time ^^ i love you !! (c)

Just the usual Eunhae (;¬_¬) (c)



EH: You know how we went to Jeju? At the time, Donghae was driving, and he drives SO ridiculously. First of all, he doesn’t stay in one lane.
LT: If there is lane 1 and lane 2 for instance, he doesn’t stay in either lane. He only drives BETWEEN them.
EH: He just drive on top of the line! And I went, “Hey, why are you driving like this?” and he said, “I have to do this so if there’s a car in front, I can make a faster decision as to which lane I want to go in.”
LT: It’s totally selfish driving.
EH: So I said, “The car behind you isn’t going to be able to drive because they’re so worried!” And he said he only drove like this if there are no cars behind him. And you know how you were there for two days and then you left?
LT: Yeah.
EH: On the third day, I drove the entire day, then at night, Donghae went, “Hey, you drove for a long time, so I’ll drive now.” But I was so scared about that, right? But I decided to believe him anyway, and I switched spots with him. And it was really dark. There was some construction going on in the middle of the road, and in those roads, if there’s only one direction that’s open, you know how they put up some kind of pylons in the middle of the road to split the lanes, right? Donghae saw it late. It was a curved road, and he was like “Oh wait. Which way am I supposed to go?” and normally, you drive on the right side of the road, right? He suddenly goes and drives on the left side!!
LT: Going in the opposite direction!
EH: And in front of us, I see a car coming towards us from the opposite direction! So I yelled at him, “What are you doing??” And we had to turn on the emergency blinkers and back out of the road… we had to do some ridiculous things.
LT: Really, if someone who can drive is in a car with someone who can’t driving, I heard it’s even scarier.
EH: Speaking of Donghae’s driving… I have one more.
LT: You have more?
EH: At the hotel, I parked. And where I parked had a slight slope. And at the - Oh, wait, Donghae parked that day. So Donghae drove the whole way, then he parked, then we returned to our hotel room. And then we received a call from the maintenance office. “Um, so so-and-so car is yours, right?” “Yeah, you’re right.” “Um, the car is causing some difficulties in traffic so please move it.” So I had no idea what he was talking about, so I told Donghae to go check it out. Then he did, then comes back, and he says, “Hey, Eunhyuk, something really bad happened.” And apparently, when he parked, he parked with the car on reverse [and didn’t put brakes on]. So when he was parking, the car rolled down the slope and was blocking the road.
LT: That’s a relief.
EH: It is a relief in that there wasn’t an accident, but something really bad could have happened. I was so worried.
LT: I think Donghae should just never drive.
EH: Yeah.

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ah leedonghae. hahahahahaha who approved this boy’s driver’s license?

Ceci Thailand January 2013 feat Donghae (6)cr anniiez_Z
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Ceci Thailand January 2013 feat Donghae (6)
cr anniiez_Z


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