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In a fangirl’s mind…


Friend: Hey, do you know what time it is?

Me: 2PM


Mom: What do you want for dinner?

Me: Chicken


Person: You got a Boyfriend?

Me: *thinking: I got TWO*


Friend: What’s your favorite color?

Me: CN Blue


Teacher: How do you find the First Derivative of a function?


I’m too B2ST to do that nonsense~


*bumps into someone in the hallway*

Me: Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Naega Naega…

(everything people say triggers Kpop in my head)

Captain Awesome: Various KPOP Logos #2 ↘


Various KPOP logo brushes (11 in total) These are really large brushes. Like or reblog if you download (at least gimme some points for effort xD these were hard to make OTL). Download Here

2 T-ARA; 2 Coed School; CN BLUE; Big Bang; Teen Top; FT Island (this is kinda messed up since I…

The Burning Attraction: The Lee Jonghyun Chronology (Shows+Awards+Misc) ↘



100712 - Newton (Love Light)

100807 - Muzit

100901 - MBC Founding Celebrations of Gyeonggi-Incheon Province (LOVE)

100903 - South Korea Broadcasting Awards (LOVE)

100904 - Incheon Hallyu…

The Many Faces of Jung Yonghwa


1. Seductive Yonghwa

2. Giggling Yonghwa

3. Minhyuk Yonghwa

4. Bitchy Yonghwa

5. Derpy Yonghwa

6. Bamf Yonghwa

7. Innocent Yonghwa

8. Aftersex Tired Yonghwa

9. Shinwoo Yonghwa

10. Aegyo Yonghwa

Kidnapped in Color.: 10 Lee Jonghyun Mannerisms ↘


1. He loves smiling and laughing out loud. ALL THE FRIGGING TIME.

2. He likes skinship and touching his members’ thighs during interviews.

3. He claps like a dork.

4. His eyes grow extremely wide when he’s surprised/put on the spot/agitated.

5. He does this face a…



Really like this pair of Busan brothers…^^

friggin bromance
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Really like this pair of Busan brothers…^^

friggin bromance

Yonghwa vs. JongHyun

Challenge accepted!

played like a professional

while minhyuk & jungshin were amazed

but in the end yonghwa won \o/


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